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With the Udderly Cold Milk System, changing are the days of carton milk and large gravity fed milk dispensers with numerous replenishing requirements.  Make the switch to Udderly Cold Milk Dispenser which provides state-of-the-art milk refrigeration technology, and offers COLD, CLEAN, CONTROLLED dispensing solutions. This first of its kind milk delivery system is a result of over 30 years of remote dispense equipment engineering experience.
Our Patent Pending milk refrigeration and delivery system allows milk to reside in the walk-in cooler, chill through refrigerated lines, and dispense ice cold at 35°F.  Portion controlled milk delivers 8 oz in 3 seconds with a touch of a button or wave of your hand. The soft, laminar flow dispenses quickly and easily into the cup and keeps the self-service line moving. The front flush cleaning process is an excellent, simple, clean-in-place system that requires NO disassembly or reassembly, while allowing for proper maintenance and the dispensing of the highest quality milk product.

About Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™

Experience the Udderly Cold Difference

Low, Medium, High Volume Applications - Energy Efficient - Reduces Labor Capitol - Increases Milk Freshness - Eliminates Waste - Reduces Spending $$ in the Budget

Moo We Serve

While the Udderly Cold Milk Dispenser was designed with K-12 and Campus Dining in mind, we service a variety of types of restaurants, Donut Shops, Coffee Shops, CStores, Government, Hospitals, and Institutions.  We love the diversity of our many customers and are excited and blessed with the many opportunities.

Jean Ragalie-Carr, RDN, LDN, FAND, President of National Dairy Council

“We can’t help kids achieve their full health or academic potential without improving their access to nutrient-rich foods, like milk. If we help improve their nutrition, we can put a nourished student who is ready to flourish in the classroom. Innovations like the new milk dispensers from Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™ provide an on-trend way to deliver nutrient-rich milk to students that is fun, fast and kidapproved. In recent years, on behalf of America’s dairy farmers,National Dairy Council co-hosted two Nourish to Flourish conferences, which brought together school stakeholders, including students, health and education experts as well as food and beverage companies, from around the nation to ideate solutions to create healthier school environments. One of the solutions sparked this idea for the Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™ milk dispensers, which are now a reality. We know a lifelong habit of meeting the recommended 3 daily servings of dairy as part of an overall, healthy diet is good for children and adolescents. Udderly Cold Milk Solutions™helps make the milk experience easy and tasty, so students are more likely to drink it; therefore, benefiting from milk’s nutrition.” 

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